***If your child already possesses the skills taught in Level 1 or II, he/she may enter directly into Level III.  These levels are not prerequisites.***



St. Albert:  St. Peter's Lutheran Church (55 Stanley Drive)

Edmonton: Tuesdays - Christ Church Hall (12116 – 102 Ave.)

                    Saturdays - CECAP clinic (#204, 10115-150 Street)

Beaumont: Beaumont Community Church, 5423 55 St.


Corinne Eckert is a child and adolescent psychologist who works with children and families in private practice, as well as providing behaviour consultation and assessment to schools.  She has worked in schools as a teacher and school counsellor, in children’s mental health as a therapist, as well as for school district as a behaviour consultant. She has facilitated many children’s groups, as well as parent sessions and teacher/teacher assistant training in child mental health and strategies/skill building. She is an instructor at the University of Alberta in the School Counselling Program. To help provide comprehensive and integrated social skill development, Corinne also works with schools and school districts to help integrate social skills training into daily school life.

(There are 8 child sessions and 2 parent sessions in each level)  

Parents can also choose to add an optional 1-1 session with Corinne upon completion of each level.

These sessions are developed and supervised/facilitated by a psychologist.

The cost of psychological services are reimbursed by many employee extended health insurance plans. Child health services costs can also be claimed on income tax returns.  Receipts with treatment dates will be provided at the end of each program. Other children’s services agencies such as FSCD and child and family services may offer funding for these programs if you are a current client.

Registration: Email office@eckertchildpsych.ca or call (780) 454-4634 to discuss whether this group would be appropriate for your child.  Once an intake interview has been done, a registration form will be emailed to you.  

For further information on our programs, or to be added to our email list, please contact us at office@eckertchildpsych.ca


St. Albert:  St. Peter's Lutheran Church (55 Stanley Drive)

Edmonton: Tuesdays - Christ Church Hall (12116 – 102 Ave.)

                    Saturdays - CECAP clinic (#204, 10115-150 Street)

Beaumont: Beaumont Community Church, 5423 55 St


     *The FIRST parent/teacher training session is located at CHRIST CHURCH


     **The SECOND parent/teacher training session is located at your child’s program

     site and is held at the same time as your child’s session. So when you bring your

     child to session, you just stay as well and we meet in a different room while your

     child is learning and having fun.

Training in Core Social Skills

Description: Each of these therapeutic and psychoeducational programs consists of 11 sessions. There are 8 student sessions, 1 hour and 30 minutes in length.  These sessions consist of  discussions, demonstrations, videos, games, roleplays and lots of hands-on opportunities to practice new skills.  There are 3 parent/teacher coaching sessions.  A group session for parents and teachers of children in our programs before the start of the program will provide an overview of concepts to be covered and key vocabulary terms so they may support their child in practising and mastering the skills taught during and after the program.  A second group parent/teacher session will be held midway through the program to further support parents and teachers in helping their child to generalize the skills taught.  Print information will also be provided for parents and teachers in order to facilitate generalization of skills to the home and school setting.  A brief written summary will be provided following the last session outlining each child’s progress and recommendations for the participants and their parents.  Individual parent support is provided on an as-needed basis throughout the program, and parents also meet with Corinne following the completion of each level for a private consultation regarding their child.

*Corinne coaches staff at participants’ schools, upon request, to help transfer and generalize the skills she/he is learning in group!