Fall, Winter & Spring Interactive Skills Sessions

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Various age groupings from 7-15 years old.

Groups are held in West Edmonton and St. Albert.

Level I: “The Hidden Conversation”

Level II: “Successful Communication”

Level III: “Positive Peer Interaction Skills”

Level I:  The Hidden Conversation Oct. to Nov. 2022


Our goal is to help children enhance their ability to interact with others by learning the importance of nonverbal

communication and how “hidden” messages are sent to us and by us.  

Emphasis will be on the following:

Learning vocabulary for feelings and how they are communicated.

Recognizing, understanding and responding to nonverbal and contextual cues from others (body language, facial expression etc.

Recognizing and using voice cues such as tone and volume to communicate effectively.

Looking at our own nonverbal communication and recognizing how it can affect the messages we send and how others

  receive them.

Understanding how our messages and behaviour can positively or negatively affect our ability to build social relationships.

Level II:  Successful Communication Jan. to March 2023

Some students have difficulty interacting with others because they have not developed effective communication skills.  They may have difficulty listening and responding appropriately to others to keep the conversation “flowing”.  Students may also have difficulty knowing how to initiate conversations or join in to those that are already ongoing

Emphasis will be on the following:

Conversations (initiating, listening, interrupting, staying on topic, conversational manners)

Offering and asking for help; Asking questions

Joining in; Including others

Expressing emotions and needs in an effective way

Understanding figurative speech (sarcasm, irony, similes, metaphors, etc.)

Level III:  Positive Peer Interaction   April to June 2023

This program is for students who would like to gain greater self-control within themselves in relation to emotions and handling difficult situations.  

Emphasis will be on the following:

Dealing with feelings (anger, fear/anxiety, disappointment, failure, humour, embarrassment)

Understanding the feelings of others

Recognizing stress signs and causes; Self-monitoring stress levels; Stress prevention

Positive thinking – the connection between our thoughts and our feelings

Being assertive

Accepting consequences

Problem solving and conflict resolution (negotiating, compromising, cooperating, etc.)

Dealing with teasing, peer pressure


**Cost of these psychological services are often covered through extended health insurance plans**

**FSCD supports funding for their clients in our programs**

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