Training in Core Social Skills© ... for Parents!

From our very popular AND successful Training in Core Social Skills© program for children and teens, comes a new workshop for parents whose children experience difficulties in social interaction:

Training in Core Social Skills© . . . for parents!

We know that children can have difficulty interacting with others:

They may miss the subtle nuances of social interaction,

    or what we call social cues. We call this the “hidden

    conversation”, the part of the message made up of all

    the nonverbal ways we communicate.

They may have difficulty with communication skills:

    listening and responding appropriately to others to

    keep the conversation “flowing” or understanding the

    “conversational manners” that make the conversation a

    positive experience for both parties.

They may have difficulting with emotional control,

    knowing how to handle problems involving peers, or

    being able to engage in effective conflict resolution.

And finally, some children are not aware that our

    behaviour impacts others and that successful social

    interaction also involves understanding what is

    “expected” in social situations.

Date:  Dependent upon Interest

Cost: $105/psn. or $175/couple.

Location: 15108-76 Ave., Edmonton (Rio Terrace Church)

Facilitator: Corinne Eckert is a registered psychologist,

director of Corinne Eckert Child & Adolescent Psychology and developer of the Training in Core Social Skills© program. As a former teacher, school counsellor and behaviour specialist, Corinne has a wealth of experience helping facilitate positive behavior and emotional and social health in children.

Over the past 10 years, our Training in Core Social Skills© program has enjoyed great success helping participants grow their confidence and skills in social interaction. We are now pleased to offer it in three locations, as well as a summer program!

Workshop Overview

In the Training in Core Social Skills© program, our goal is to help children gain skill and confidence in social interaction! As parents, you will be able to support the social development of your child by learning:

    ●  The different types of social skill difficulties

        and why your child may be struggling.

    ●  The key social skills your child needs to

        understand. There’s more to it than


    ●  A coaching perspective and language to

        increase your ability to intervene and coach

        your child effectively.

    ●  Teaching your child “expected” behaviour in

        social interactions such as play,

        conversations and work with peers.

    ●  Preparing your child for successful social


    ●  Facilitating safe and guided practice


    ●  Strategies to help your child integrate social

        skills into their pattern of behaviour, as well

        as applying them to other environments.

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