Training in Core Social Skills©

In the Classroom

From our very popular AND successful Training in Core

Social Skills© program for children and teens, comes a new workshop for educators to help all students become more informed, confident and skilled at interacting in a socially successful way!

Since beginning our Training in Core Social Skills© programs for children, parents and educators have seen significant gains in confidence and social interaction skills by our program participants. So much so they've asked us to teach them how to use our methods with their entire class or student body.

We’re now ready to offer these coaching strategies to those working with students in schools on a daily basis. Participants will learn proven hands-on methods for coaching children in Core Social Skills© as well as how to integrate these methods into their daily language and classroom routines to benefit all their students and enhance the cooperative and collaborative environment of the classroom!

Who should attend?

Participants will include elementary school administrators, counsellors, special needs facilitators, teachers, educational assistants, recess and lunch supervisors, and anyone at your school who works with your students!

Date: 2020 dates to be determined (TBD)

Cost: $350/participant (incl. light lunch & refreshments)

(10% discount for school groups of 3 or more and those registered June 30, 2018).

Location: 15108-76 Ave., Edmonton (Rio Terrace Church)

Facilitator: Corinne Eckert is a registered psychologist,

director of Corinne Eckert Child & Adolescent Psychology and developer of the Training in Core Social Skills© program. As a former teacher, school counsellor and behaviour specialist, Corinne has a wealth of experience helping facilitate positive behavior and emotional and social health in children.

Over the past 10 years, our Training in Core Social Skills© program has enjoyed great success helping participants grow their confidence and skills in social interaction. We are now pleased to offer it in three locations, as well as a summer program!

Overview of Topics

1.  Understanding Social Skills Deficits

      ●  The different types of social skill difficulties

           students may have and why they may act a  

           certain way with peers.

2.  Social skills that are important for students to


     ●  Social cognition concepts as a foundation to  

         building and increasing our awareness of the

         key Social Skills students need to understand

         (there's more to it than manners!).

3.  How teachers and others working with

     students can help:

     ●  Increasing your ability to intervene and coach  

         effectively by adopting a coaching perspective  

         with all students.

     ●  Integrating Training in Core Social Skills©  

         concepts and language into your daily  

         interactions with students!

     ●  Using specific coaching techniques to foster  

         confidence, assertiveness and collaboration in  

         students in their social interactions.

     ●  Embedding coaching into your daily student


     ●  Facilitating safe and guided practice  


     ●  Using strategies to help your students integrate

          social skills into their behaviour, as well as  

         generalize them to other environments.

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