Autism Society of Edmonton Area

The Autism Society of Edmonton provides support, information about Autism, upcoming news and events, and links to a variety of Autism resources in the Edmonton area.

Centre for Autism Services

The Centre for Autism Services Alberta is a non-profit organization that provides a wide variety of services, therapeutic and recreational programs, education and support to individual with Autism and their families.

Family Support for Children with Disabilities

Family support services are available to families caring for a child with a diagnosed disability or to families who are awaiting confirmation of their child's diagnosis. These services are primarily based on the needs as identified by the family.

In addition to information, referral and advocacy supports, family support services also include assistance with counselling, extraordinary clothing and footwear costs, travel costs for medical appointments, meals while traveling to medical appointments, accommodation costs associated with attending medical appointments and respite services.

Child-focused services are provided when a child has a confirmed diagnosis and assessment information to specify their individual needs. Child-focused services provide a range of respite services, aide supports, child care supports, health-related supports, specialized services for children with severe disabilities and out-of-home living arrangements."

Support and Educational Support Associations (cont'd):

Provincial and Federal Financial Support:

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