Here's what people are saying about us...

"Last week at the parent meeting, Corinne asked me if I noticed if my son was using some of the stuff he learned in the program... The next night I got a little frustrated at him over something and he started to cry a little and said "mommy why are you using a mad voice" and again a couple of days later he said the same.  

So I'm happy to say that yes I am seeing some difference (in that he is beginning to notice and understand tone of voice) and with more time I'm sure this program will really help him!"


"It was really good to connect with you and the other parents to talk about our kids.  I was saying to some of the ladies that we walk in as strangers and then we get talking and we find out that we all have so much in common.  I have found that hard to find so I'm thankful for this group already.


As well, my daughter really loves this "Friendship Group" we call it and I can see it making small differences in her self confidence & her connection with people around her, even now.


Thank you!"



"Thank you so much for the report you gave us for our son's Level 3 social skills class. Like your other reports, it was very useful to us as parents and we really value it. Your descriptions and explanations have helped us understand the nature of our son's challenges.

This makes a big difference to us, as prior to the classes we were not sure what was all going on for him. The practical strategies you have given us are helpful because they tell us exactly what we can do to help him develop new skills. We are encouraged by your report that he is making progress, while we are aware that he has deficits that at times seem difficult to remediate.

Thank you for all your work with him in class and the report, which we are using to help us make a personal learning plan with his school teachers!"

C. and T.

"Our son feels good about (continuing on into) the Positive Peer Interactions program next term.

I really appreciate your work to stay in relationship with him. Working through relationships and then retaining them will have been an important life lesson that he is gaining from the program."


"My son has learned so much from Corinne's social skills group. He has learned how to talk to people, rather than at them. He knows how to start a conversation and how to make smooth transitions to other topics.

We have watched him open up and try new things, and talk to people when he's out and about. He has learned how to express his feelings and tell us what his thoughts and feelings are.

As parents, we have learned the tools to help him practice his social skills, work on his problem solving and ease his frustrations. It's been wonderful watching him grow this year!"

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