Meet our team of professionals!

Counselling Team

Corinne Eckert, Registered Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor

Corinne oversees the care of clients at the clinic, supervises her team, provides consultation for parents and teachers, and trains students who are working towards becoming psychologists. She also works hands-on with clients and supervises the Training in Core Social Skills programs, as it brings her joy to see children grow in their ability to connect with others.

Corinne’s initial goal in beginning her practice was to understand children and help them develop greater confidence, security, and skill in their world. This requires looking deep and working with parents/caregivers to  uncover the often complex factors impacting functioning, as well as creating a warm, compassionate, and fun environment to engage your child in. She has made this her mission throughout her 30 year career as a teacher, school counsellor, mental health worker, school behaviour consultant, and now child psychologist. Together with her team, she forms a caring and skilled network of professionals who can guide the process of healing and growth.

Damien Daly, Registered Psychologist

Damien is a Registered Psychologist who has completed his Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis through Queen's University Belfast and his Bachelor of Psychology through the National University of Ireland. Being from the land of one hundred thousand welcomes (Ireland – Céad Míle Fáilte), he will ensure that your child feels at home in a safe, calm, and fun space. One of his strengths is the ability to connect with others, which is enhanced by being genuine, empathetic, and relatable with a sprinkle of Irish humour – making your child feel at ease while at the clinic. During his career, he has worked with children, adults, and families alike in a variety of settings from in-home, to private clinics, to schools. Damien has interest in supporting those with developmental challenges, learning issues, autism, anxiety, ADHD, depression, OCD, grief, relationships, and various other socio-emotional and behavioural concerns. He is experienced in our Training in Core Social Skills, where he has learnt concepts and coaching strategies will apply to children and teens.

“One size fits all” does not apply to therapy, so I like to use an eclectic approach, meaning he often integrates different techniques such as aspects of Person-Centered Therapy, Behaviour Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, Relational Practices, Mindfulness, Family Systems, and Play-Based Therapy.  At the clinic, Damien is responsive and sensitive to the needs of his clients, and takes a strong developmental approach, meeting your child where they are at and supporting them in line with their development. “Ar Scáth a Chéile a Mhaireann Na Daoine” (Under the shelter of each other, people survive)

Rachel Rogers, Registered Psychologist

Rachel has years of experience as a teacher, school counsellor and school psychologist with EPSB. As a psychologist within the school district, she was able the issues of children with whom she worked, through administering psychological assessments. This allowed Rachel to uncover underlying issues affecting their ability to function successfully in school, and support the child, parents, and teachers through development of effective strategies and interventions.

Rachel is able to see how students are impacted by disorders and difficulties that teachers, caregivers, and the student themselves are unable to understand or approach. ADHD is one of the disorders that she has experience and interest in. This led Rachel to found the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton 11 years ago to provide support to those affected by it. Providing education, information and connection for both the parents of adolescents with ADHD, as well as for adults, has been a great pleasure and passion for her.

At the clinic, Rachel provides consultations to parents and children/teens regarding understanding and developing effective strategies for ADHD. She has compassionate expertise in counselling those living with a sometimes hidden disability.  People are able to book in to see her for consultation sessions, but she also works collaboratively alongside our other clinicians who might be working with a child or family on issues that are associated or different than the accompanying ADHD symptoms or diagnosis. Rachel enjoys  being physically active, music (loves the blues,) jigsaw puzzling (a bit of an obsession,) reading and lifelong learning. One of the brightest lights in her life is her granddaughter!

Jennifer Harris, Registered Psychologist, Social Skills Program Supervisor

Jennifer believes that each individual has the capacity for growth and change. As a registered psychologist, she focuses on development and goals as an approach in supporting children, and values collaborating with parents and caregivers in this process. Working as a teacher, school counsellor, and Inclusive Learning coordinator has given Jennifer experience in the education field. This has developed an understanding in child development, as well as the ability to identify issues related to learning, behaviour/emotional development, and social interaction. Jennifer also has experience in supporting school staff who are dealing with students through a Neurorelational framework.

In therapy sessions,  Jennifer focuses on the child's resources, strengths, and individuality while employing an eclectic approach to best support the child and family in meeting their goals and needs. She provides therapy to children and adolescents experiencing anxiety, depression, behavioural challenges, social skills challenges, grief and loss, and relational challenges Jennifer is trained in EMDR, Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Play-Based Interventions, Neurorelational Framework and Sand Tray Therapy.

Jennifer is supervising the Training in Core Social Skills Program this 2021-2022 season. She supports our social coaches in their work, and with parents to feel confident in supporting their child’s social development. She has an experienced background in working in schools with students, parents and school counsellors. When not working with young people, you can find Jennifer outdoors with her family and dogs. She feels best when surrounded by trees and mountains.

Lita Day, Registered Psychologist

Lita holds a BA in Psychology and MEd in School and Clinical Child Psychology from the University of Alberta where she studied the contributions of nature (children’s unique traits) and nurture (parenting styles and relationship quality) to the social-emotional and moral development of young children.

Lita enjoys working collaboratively through a developmental lens with children, teens, and parents/caregivers to address psychological, social-emotional, behavioural, and educational concerns. Respecting the uniqueness of each client and family, Lita prefers an integrative therapeutic approach to address client needs and to build on strengths using family-centred, evidence-based, trauma-informed modalities.

She has previously worked in therapeutic and educational intervention programs for children and adolescents with mental health diagnoses. Lita has specialized training in interpreting psycho-educational assessments, developing treatment plans, and interventions informed by assessment outcomes for intellectual, learning, behavioural, and social-emotional difficulties.

Jacquelyn Salisbury, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Kelly-Ann Albrecht, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Training in Core Social Skills Team

Colleen Stratton, Registered Psychologist, Social Skills Program Supervisor

After completing her BSc in Psychology and MEd in Educational Psychology at the U of A, Colleen began working as a Registered Psychologist and belongs to the College of Alberta Psychologists and Psychologists’ Association of Alberta. Colleen has worked as a counselling therapist and conducted psychoeducational assessments, and currently specializes in assessments. She also supervises students interning to become psychologists, supporting their growth and providing mentorship.

Colleen is thoughtful, careful and is knowledgeable in developing appropriate strategies and interventions. She enjoys working with parents, teachers to create strength-based approaches and positive psychology. As a supervisor in our Training in Core Social Skills Program, Colleen is thrilled to help facilitate children developing their social skills in a group atmosphere, as well as a more individualized 1-1 Social Coaching Program. Colleen is truly passionate about her clients, and feels blessed to be part of their journey as a mentor, educator, and supporter. She also connects with parents, providing them with tools to support their child’s development and build skill and confidence in interacting with their child.

Fiona Aliaj, Program Coordinator, Social Coach,

Administrative Support

Fiona is a swiss army knife of talent, and is dedicated to enrolling those best fit into our Training in Core Social Skills Program. Organized and caring, she has a great understanding of how our programs run, and provides support to the program’s staff,  and acts as a program facilitator as needed. Fiona develops relationships with each family, making them feel supported throughout the child’s participation in their program, making adjustments when necessary based on their needs.

Fiona’s hands-on leadership skills and ability to understand children’s behaviour through our social coaching lens allows her to work effectively as a facilitator in our programs. This skill is also informed through her B.A. degree with a Psychology specialization which she recently completed through the U of A, and will continue to grow as she continues her studies in hopes of entering the PsyD. Program!

Andrea Antoniuk, Intake Facilitator and Social Coach

Andrea is currently completing her PhD in School and Clinical Child Psychology. She joined our team seeking to understand children presenting social/emotional/behavioural issues through our social coaching lens. Her gentle and calm demeanor provide children with a comforting space to receive coaching. She is a fantastic team member who adapts as needed, as working with children is never predictable!

Leah Matthew, Intake Facilitator

Currently in her Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology, Leah has experience in leading our group and 1-1 Social Coaching programs. Leah also conducts our intake interviews for program admission, in addition to working with families in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Leah is dynamic, fun, and keeps busy in her spare time with her new puppy.

Danielle Lall, Social Coach

Danielle is very experienced in our program philosophy and coaching techniques from working in our group programs for multiple years, and recently took on the role of 1-1 Social Coaching facilitator. She is friendly, thoughtful, and always ready to jump in and have fun while coaching children. When she is not working at the clinic, Danielle is working on developing her career for the Master of Counselling program.

Lauryn Hunter

Social Coach

Megan Crowell

Social Coach

Harmony Nimchuk

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology specialization), Psych. Assessment certification.

Completing Master of Counselling.

Julia Farmer

Social Coach

B.Sc. (Psychology specialization), M.Ed. (School and Clinical Child Psychology).

Completing Ph.D. program (School and Clinical Child Psychology).

Victoria Cobuz

Social Coach

B.Sc. (Psychology)

Caroline Ferrer

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology), M.A. (School Psychology).

Alyssa Laurie

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology).

*Social Coach Volunteer

Tania Thind

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology), M.C.

Carley Aquin

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology).

Andreea Maries

Social Coach

B.A. (Psychology).

Amber Hallgren

Social Coach

B.Sc. (Psychology)

Administrative Team

Kristy Akins, Counselling/Assessment Administrative Assistant

Kristy’s warm and kind voice is the first one you’ll hear when you call our clinic. She is fantastic at listening to our client’s needs, and figuring out whether we can help your child best through counselling, assessment, ADHD consultation, or social skills programming. Kristy has a history of working in clinic administration, and injects fun and a great team atmosphere into our clinic! She feeds her soul through interaction with staff and clients, cuddling with her dogs, or enjoying the sun at the lake.

(PS: Make Kristy's day by showing her a picture of your dog!)

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