Registered Child & Educational Psychologist since 1992

Sees children aged 5-18 yrs. and their families

  ▸ Counselling, play therapy, family

     therapy, assessment,

     school/psychiatry liaison

  ▸ Treating behaviour/emotional/mood

     disorders (anxiety, depression, stress,

     anger, ADHD, ODD) and issues

     related to school, family, social skills,

     relationships, loss or divorce

  ▸ Skills coaching (social skills, anger

     management, anxiety, etc.)

Training facilitator in child mental health:

▸  Parent/Physician/Teacher

    consultations re: child mental health

▸  Assessments (Learning disability,


▸  Offering youth groups in social skills

    development, anxiety, anger

    management, etc.


✓ Former behaviour consultant to St.

    Albert school district

✓ Former consulting psychologist for

    Edmonton Public Schools

✓ Former mental health therapist with St.

    Albert Mental Health (student program)

✓ Former French Immersion teacher and

    school counsellor/psychologist

✓ Nearly 25 years experience in child &

    adolescent psychology working within

    Alberta’s mental health and school

    systems, and private practice

✓ Member of Alberta Teachers

    Association Guidance Council and

    Special Education Council

✓ Member of College of Alberta

    Psychologists and Psychologists

    Association of Alberta

Centrally located office with lots of parking, afterschool and evening appointments available.

Eligible reimbursement through extended health plans, Blue Cross, EAPs, or tax benefits.


Corinne has always loved working with children...

starting with babysitting and enjoying playing games and doing crafts with the children to working as a playground leader during summers while at university.  Soon after Corinne received her Education degree she became a teacher in a French Immersion program.  

     While working with children and teens in the classroom, she loved to use positive and fun strategies to aid their development, both intellectually and socially.  Watching the students become more confident and competent people was a joy.  While working in the classroom with students, she realized that she was drawn to helping and supporting them with the emotional and developmental issues with which they presented as well.  So she went back to school, attaining a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, specializing in counselling, and training to become a registered psychologist.  Since that time she has constantly sought continued training in the areas of child development, childhood diagnoses, and effective treatment strategies.  She has attempted to meld the expertise she has developed in her nearly 25 years as a psychologist with the love of fun, positive, and engaging methods of working with children and teens that has always come innately to her.  This does not mean that she does not tackle serious mental health problems.  Corinne is a strong believer in working collaboratively with caregivers and other professionals to support children with complex needs.

     Having been a school counsellor subsequent to teaching has also helped Corinne to gain experience working with students not only on an individual basis, but on a broader, organizational one.  Developing positive primary treatment programs on a school-wide basis was something that she enjoyed doing with the help of great staffs, administrators and student populations she had the pleasure of working with.  She was also able to work in a way that supports parents and schools in a more administrative role being on the Department of Education Ministerial Review Committee and the Attendance Board, which allowed her to work with students, schools and parents to resolve problems affecting the successful progress of individual students.  Being on the Public Education Committee of the Psychologists Association of Alberta has also allowed her to think more broadly in regards to helping the public in general understand and appreciate the benefits of psychological support.

     She then took her skills to the mental health system helping to develop a children's mental health program that worked in connection with schools.  Developing a program in which supporting caregivers and working collaboratively with all service providers, including teachers and psychiatrists, to provide the best coordinated and well-rounded support for children was a goal.  Subsequent to this position, when she was asked by two school districts to serve as their behaviour consultant. Here she had the wonderful opportunity to support teachers in their classrooms, offering strategies to help their students with emotional and behavioural difficulties learn in the most successful way possible.

     This led to Corinne deciding to develop her own practice, in which she could work collaboratively not only with teachers, but also with parents, and directly with children and other caregivers to provide excellent support to children and teens.  Now, Corinne helps train other developing counsellors and psychologists to work with children and teens, both through her role as an instructor in the school counselling program at the University of Alberta, but also through supervising counselling practicum students and provisional psychologists in her practice.  Also, in developing training sessions for teachers and other counsellors in her Training in Core Social Skills program she hopes to support others in reaching and supporting the most students possible.