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Children are so special. They are positive, curious, trusting and full of life!

As they develop they normally challenge us as parents, testing limits and desiring freedom to test their decision making skills.  With our support and guidance, they will take opportunities to be independent and grow more confident with each success they experience.

But children can experience difficulties too. Challenging experiences can be trying for a child's developing cognitive and problem solving skills.  Even for teens, they sometimes are at a loss as to how to deal with things that affect them emotionally. Or they may try to deal with these things in the best way they know how, but may sometimes be unsuccessful.  This is when parents often seek support for their child/teen and guidance for themselves.

Corinne Eckert Child & Adolescent Psychology is here to aid the healthy development of children and teens, and support their caregivers.  We provides support in various ways.  We help guide parents in effective strategies to support their child/teen.  We support children and teens through difficult times or situations, or simply to learn skills related to emotions, behaviour or relationships.  We provide families an opportunity to work through difficulties and grow stronger and healthier together. We can assess underlying factors in learning, emotional or behavioral difficulties.

On a larger basis, we can provide support to schools to increase the emotional and social wellness of their student population, and to support teachers to handle the issues they come across on a daily basis in their classes in effective ways.?

How do we do this?  Counselling (individual and/or family), group treatment programs such as our Training in Core Social Skills program, parent consultation, school consultation, parent workshops and talks, teacher training sessions, and assessment.  We try to support our clients in a fun, positive, and engaging way, but supporting and helping them to grow is something we always take seriously.

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